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In DUC training and recruitment agency we understand that learning a new language is not an easy journey especially if your main goal is to become fluent. You may get lost in between all the vocabularies and grammar rules and still wouldn’t be able to speak fluently as desired and this is where we step in!  With our academic courses starting from the beginner’s level A1 to the advanced B2, you will no longer need to worry about your academic knowledge of the German language. And we don’t stop just there, as we realize that excelling at a language requires more than just the academics, this is why we provide you with our beloved To be hired courses for those who are at their B1 level of the English and German language; to prepare you for the German and English speaking vacancies. With instructors working in multinational German and English-speaking companies and a syllabus covering conversation skills as well as interview and technical skills, you will be just fine! Even after being ready for the job market, you won’t have to worry about the hustle of applying for a job; as we offer recruiting services for multinational companies with excellent English, German and Spanish recruiters ready to interview you and direct you to the right company and even follow up with you through the acceptance process. With DUC, you are always in good hands.

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Welcom To DUC Academy
Welcom To DUC Academy
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