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    What People Say

    How real people said about DUC Academy


    Khaled Foffa Fahmii

    To all people who really want to learn German language, i would like to tell them that the DUC is particularly the right place to approach fast to get the start from there.
    I will tell you why .
    Because first of all the good and professional treatment starting from the owner Mr. Abdel Rahman and his junior staff . Plus his qualified and professional teacher Ms. Nancy William.
    Truly I began with her from Zero
    Knowing nothing about the German language till I became reading , writing, understanding the German conversation. And that was only the start of level A1.

    Fatma Ahmed

    مكان كويس جدا ع أعلي مستوي والانستراكتور شاطر وبيساعدنا كلنا والماتريال كويسه جدا شكرا DUC 🌹

    EM AN

    مكان كويس جداا والانستراكتور شاطر جدا بيساعد انك تكمل الجرء الي ناقص عندك 🌹


    Sarah mostafa

    من احسن الاماكن اللي ممكن تطور لغتك فيها والانستراكتور شاطر جدا وبيساعدك سواء جوا الكورس او برا الكورس و الكورس مفيد جدا-to be hired- للي حابب يشتغل ف مجال call center و الناس. هناك كلها friendly جداا ومش هيسبوك غير لما تشتغل وتوصل للي انت عاوزه ❤️



    utto grazie e apprezzamento di DUC per farmi conoscere una persona rispetta e professionale come signor Ahmed Shawkat quello che responsibile da l’insegnamento la lingua italiana… Davvero mi fa imparare molte cose da parte di vita pratica e scientifica e sopratutto il campo di servizio clienti e intervista…. ecc.
    Grazie mille a DUC&Sig. Ahmed Shawkat

    Sherry Nagy

    I have attended an Italian course and it was so helpful in practicing the language and in many other fields, many thanks to my instructor Ahmed Shawkat and to DUC.

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